Dimes Reviews

Season 1 of Dimes Reviews consists of 8 episodes.

The season premiered on August 31, 2017.

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After Christian Nichols forgets to take his meds to control his chronic personality disorder, Josie Davenport convinces Christian that he is Rambo (a Vietnam vet with PTSD) and that he must murder an Asian man playing country music. After shameless and cheap racist jokes, Christian dispatches of the "rice patty" quickly and efficiently.

Drew Matthews, friend of Christian Nichols and Chen Chang (the dead asian dude), is distressed upon learning two things: an eclipse is coming up, caused by Donald Trump's election, and that Chen Chang was brutally murdered by Christian. Drew then invites the now heavily medicated Christian Nichols to his shack in the woods to watch the Eclipse. Christian goes but forgets his glasses and halucinates Drew running through a field. Drew then reveals himself to be a lizard creature and tries to murder Christian. Christian gains the upper-hand and tries to leave until Drew reveals the land is cursed and Christian can only leave if he watches and reviews his cornucopia of bad "films". After being subjected to Adolph Hitler's favorite movie "Baby's Day Out" Christian attempts to leave until Drew tells him he can't leave until he sees Spider-Man Homecoming. Christian presumptively watches it and loses his eye sight, or gains eye AIDS (most historians aren't sure which one.) He gains his vision back from seeing IT, but not without first having yet again, more medicine to keep track of. Christian then can go back to his home, where Drew destroys Christian's pills for his vision. It is unknown at the moment how this will affect Christian going forward. Recently, Christian and Drew and Josie have united against all bad films and people, and their most recent target has been the transcendent being known as 89FireGod. Christian, Drew, and Josie came out triumphant in their battle against the "god" as they battled fire with the firegod and defeated him after releasing a very cringey music video. It is also unknown at this time how 89FireGod will respond.

Drew is said to be working on a magic that will resurrect Chen Chang.

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Dimes Reviews Episode 1- Baby's Day Out

Dimes Reviews Episode 1- Baby's Day Out

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